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Mar 30, 2021

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Darren Curtis is an accredited Life coach, Youth coach, and author of The Awakened Parent Challenge, How to Strengthen the Connection with your Teenager in Just 7 Days".

He studied neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, Broadband Consciousness, and Shamanism while trying to help find a solution to his wife's depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

In the last two decades, he has gone on to use what he'd learned in these areas to help teenagers in schools and colleges as part of the local authorities; services supporting behavior team.

He also coaches at various youth leadership events around the world, including the Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summits. From this work, he was very aware that parents needed some common sense guide to help them successfully parent their teens and pre-teens, to ensure they grow up with a positive, friendly, supportive parenting voice inside their heads as they move forward in life. He lives in Reading, Berkshire in England with his wife and business partner, Tracy, who together facilitate mental health awareness training/workshops.

They have two grown-up sons, Danny and Bailey, Labrador Wiggly, Patterjack Pebbles, and black cat Gizmo. He is delighted to report that his wife's mental health is now very good.

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