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Mar 27, 2015 would love to hear your 

Topics covered in this show

  • 93% positive results from her initial studies using the ProScope with kids.
  • Kids love the sessions.
  • Rickie’s background in Child Life, Early Intervention and Pediatric...

Mar 22, 2015 

Topics covered in this show

  • Traditional physical therapist who turned to natural medicines, remedies, homeopathy and cold lasers.
  • Trained with Shelley McQuerter and Learn Homeopathy Now.
  • Magnetic Frequencies of the Earth.
  • Zyto Pro Biofeedback technology created by Dr....

Mar 12, 2015

Topics covered in this show

  • Lisa Thorp, COO IntellBio.
  • Functional and Integrative Medicine defined.
  • Lisa’s search towards her path to the Thorp Institute and IntellBio.
  • Meeting John Thorp. Raised with Eagles.
  • Running the distributorship for the Electro Acuscope and...