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Feb 22, 2022

Eric Christiansen shares with us the importance of healing from grief and trauma no matter what scale it is on. Eric helps people in a very unique way, grounded in clinical evidence, he supports people to heal through filmmaking. An episode not to be missed.

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Feb 15, 2022

Today we explore the significance of healing from emotional trauma and recognizing that mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing.

Additionally, we encourage people to ask and accept help from others and check in on people around you, even if they seem to be just fine.

Michelle E. Dickinson is a Wellbeing...

Feb 8, 2022

In this episode, we discuss really simple ways to start taking back control of our health. Lisa and her guest Tania discuss sleep and nutrition to reduce stress. Tania has been a Shiatsu massage practitioner since 2004.

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Feb 1, 2022

As we release this episode, it may be obvious to you that the new team of co-hosts Lisa Victoria, Angie Ates, and Leslie Kasanoff have been around together for a while with about 9 episodes under their belt.

Well, today, we wanted to make formal introductions… and have some fun doing it. Enjoy the show! ~ John