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Mar 3, 2017

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a Mindfulness Mama Mentor and teaches Mindful Parenting garnered from her own experience: “A healthy relationship with your children begins with a healthy relationship to yourself.” Her mission is to “transform harmful generational patterns.”

With Hunter you will learn the deep work of parenting. You will find real tools to create a lasting impact, not just for your kids, but for generations to come. “When we create more peace for ourselves, we create more peace for generations.” ~Hunter Clarke-Fields

You are invited to explore her beautiful website and take a look around where you’ll discover her blog posts, podcast and courses she offers to help you pull together a healthy relationship with yourself - and your children.

Published on Tiny Buddha, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Yoga Healers, Parenting Radio, Zen Parenting Radio, and MOPS Mothers Of Preschoolers.

Wellness Tip

Start some kind of mindfulness practice - it’s really the gold standard for learning to take care of your mind.

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