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Jun 1, 2021

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with Adam Webber. He's the “NO BS, common sense” speaker, a published author, product creation specialist, and the owner of “Weber Real Estate Advisors” and “Weber Advisory Group.” He has also developed a coaching program called “Easy to Meditate,” which employs his very own meditation technique. He has a podcast called Meditation Not Medicine and is also the author of the book, Meditation Not Medicine. ~ Kim Shea

On this episode, you’ll discover:

-What led Adam to create his meditation technique and teach others.

-The health benefits of meditation.

-How meditation can help you handle stress in a post-pandemic world.

-The importance of teaching our kids how to deal with anxiety and depression.

-Why it’s necessary to make meditation a daily habit.

-Tips for when you begin meditating.

-Information about the meditation community Adam has created.

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