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Mar 9, 2021

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Today's episode begins and ends with the sound of crystal singing bowls by the clairvoyant medium spiritualist, Reverend Elivia.

Elivia Melodey, her given name, was interested in metaphysics in her 30's, and she explored many modalities. But she was not able to love wholly enough at that time to go further with her studies, and so she burrowed into a corporate job that took up most of her time and energy.

In 1998, she decided to surrender to Spirit and to go wherever she was told. Spirit wanted her to play healing music, and after hearing a crystal singing bowl from a seller, she bought the largest bowl they had. She was hooked. Forty-five bowls later, Reverend Elivia explains the science and application of these bowls to co-host Kim Shea, including who should avoid the sounds altogether.

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