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Aug 4, 2020

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This is episode 101, a BONUS episode as a part of celebrating our 100th episode.

This was one of Lisa Victoria’s favorite episodes we didn’t include in episode 100, so we’ve brought it to you here. It's with Elaine Wilkins and they’re talking about Dissolving the mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia Recovery.

A few of the quotes Lisa pulled out of Elaine’s episode she wanted you to know about

  • A lot of people are fatigued/burnt out from work. I thought my body let me down but I realized I let my body down.
  • Satellite Navigation - Our body gives us messages. We can sometimes disconnect from our bodies by living in our heads and miss the messages. We often ignore and override messages.
  • About Dis-ease - our bodies get stressed and then something comes along.
  • Start to think about lifestyle and pace.
  • Start to recognize early warning signs.
  • Mitigate with learning and create a live vibrant life.
  • Most people are vertically ill. We don’t know what optimum health is. We can’t ever remember feeling well, living under par 21st Century Syndrome.
  • Thrive and become everything you were meant to be.

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