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Jun 1, 2020

John here from San Diego in the US. Lisa’s in the U.K. It’s my turn for an episode.

I’ve been working with Lon and Sandy Golnick from Relationship By Design for about a year and a half. They know more about relationship than anyone I’ve ever met in my gazillion years studying human potential and development.

So one of my favorites take-aways from this work is this:

“You can’t fix a relationship - because it’s not broken. You probably just don’t know what a relationship is! As you become aware of what a relationship is, things simply clear up.”

That’s refreshing. Doing their workshops, I found this to be absolutely useful and true.

So in a short conversation here, I discovered that they’ve worked a lot with families and parents. What we bring you here today are insights into being a parent - and NOT parenting. It’s called Parents: Outside The Trap.

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